Why does my all-electric vehicle make noise while charging?

You may hear a noise while charging your Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). This noise comes from the cooling fan.

The cooling system helps keep the battery and onboard charging components at optimal temperature for maximum charge rates. Depending on various factors, such as ambient temperature and battery temperature due to driving or extended charging, the cooling demand and the corresponding fan speed adjust as necessary, even when your vehicle is turned off.  

All vehicles (including those with an internal combustion engine) use the cooling fan as a part of the climate system. However, in a BEV, the noise generated by the cooling fan can be more noticeable because there is no internal combustion engine covering up the sound of the fan.

You have the option to reduce your vehicle's cooling fan operation and volume by manually adjusting your vehicle's charge rate through the FordPass®* App.

Note: Reducing your charge rate impacts how long your vehicle takes to reach your desired charge level.

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*FordPass, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.