Ford Maverick Ordering Information

2023 Model Year (MY) Maverick Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Maverick order bank open?

The 2023 MY Maverick order bank opened on September 15, 2022, but quickly closed.

Will Ford automatically carry over 2022 MY orders that were not scheduled into 2023 MY Maverick?

Retail Orders that were not fulfilled for 2022 MY will not automatically carry over to 2023 MY. Please work with your Ford Dealer to complete the 2023 MY Order Conversion Process, including verifying eligibility for the 2023 MY Maverick Transition Customer Satisfaction Private Offer Program.

Will there be a delay in scheduling Maverick orders?

We anticipate both strong demand and global supply chain constraints to continue creating delays for 2023 MY Maverick retail orders. We recognize how frustrating this is, and we are working non-stop to find solutions to get vehicles into customers’ driveways as quickly as possible.

How does the Ford Dealer's vehicle allocation affect my vehicle’s order scheduling?

Both individual dealer allocation and available supply chain commodities play a significant role in our ability to schedule customer retail orders. All 2023 MY Maverick retail orders will be scheduled based on the following criteria:

  • Dealer Allocation – Number of Mavericks the customer’s Ford dealer receives
  • Commodities – Part supply availability