How do I view Charge Level Notifications for a Battery Electric Vehicle?

To use Battery Electric Vehicle features in FordPass®, you must:

  • Have an active FordPass account.
  • Have a Battery Electric Vehicle added to the app.
    • Ford Mach-E

You can set a one time alert for charge level notifications, when a certain percentage of charge has been reached. To manage these settings:

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page.
  2. Select the Charging header.
  3. Tap the Charge Settings button.
  4. Select Charge Level Notifications.
  5. Tap the  to set your desired charge level. 
  6. Swipe the toggle for Charge level notification. 
    • On is represented by Blue, slider to the right. 
    • Off is represented by Gray, slider to the left. 
  7. You will have to decide the vehicle's charge level to trigger the notification.
  8. To make adjustments, drag the blue circle button to the left or to the right. 
  9. Tap Save


  • The charge level is measured by the distance in the miles remaining battery charge can travel. Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle maintenance, and lithium-ion battery age.