Enhanced Active Park Assist

Illustration showing vehicle using Enhanced Active Park Assist to parallel park
Available Active Park Assist helps take the anxiety out of parallel parking. Once the system locates a suitable parking space, you shift, accelerate and brake while the system does the steering. It’s that simple. And if your vehicle is equipped with Enhanced Active Park Assist, you also get help getting out of a tight parallel parking spot, as well as assistance in reverse perpendicular parking. And now, on select 2020 Ford models, you can take the ease of this system a major step further. Just about every operation is now done for you. Depressing the Active Park Assist 2.0 button scans for a suitable parking spot. After stopping, you shift into Neutral, release the brake pedal and hold down the park assist button. The system does the rest — steering, shifting, braking and accelerating.10 Could it get much easier than this?

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