Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador William Smethurst

William unhooking a fish he caught.
William showing off a fish he caught.
Waves hitting the shore.
William posing for the camera.
Fishing Guide  |  Musician
William Smethurst

Guide all day, gig all night. For years, that’s been William’s go-to plan for living a fulfilling life in Colorado. And while he admits he’s been incredibly lucky to call both fishing and music his livelihood, his proudest work is simply being a husband and a dad to his two girls. When it comes to his fly-fishing clients, William knows his Bronco® SUV can get them to the river and back with confidence, convenience and a lot of creature comforts. And he counts all of his travels as precious lessons: “Life is a journey we learn the whole way.”

William’s 2021 Bronco® Badlands® SUV model shown in Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-coat.
Computer-generated image shown.
Bronco Badlands® Model
Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat

Musician/adventurer is quite the combo. Same with William’s Bronco SUV gear: Roof-mounted cargo platform, 47 qt. fridge/freezer, tailgate folding table for rear swing gate and large pet harness. The harmony is beautiful.

William fishing from the shore.