Collage pictures showing Shyanne’s Bronco® Black Diamond® SUV shown in Velocity Blue.

Shyanne Orvis

Shyanne Orvis, smiling at camera

Fly Fishing Guide

When you dip your toe into the waters of something new, it helps to have a support team. Shyanne has always had that box checked, with love and encouragement from her friends, boyfriend and her dogs. Biggest source of pride? Helping to create a youth fly-fishing program for the next generation of anglers. Going forward, Shyanne and her Bronco® SUV will travel all over that rough and rocky space in order to access uncharted fly-fishing rivers. And she’ll always get to her destination, unfazed. Because as Shyanne says about the outdoors, “Nobody gets to decide what you can or can’t do, or how big your dreams can be.” 


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Shyanne Orvis’ 2023 Bronco® Black DiamondTM model shown in Velocity Blue.

Velocity Blue

Bronco® Black Diamond™ Model

Her adventure is water-based, and Shyanne’s Bronco SUV is well prepped: fly rod carrier, Carhartt protective seat covers, etc. Add stuff like Trail Armor rocker panels and it’s easier for her to get to the wet.
Vehicle Details: 2023 model year; computer-generated image shown. Due to high demand, certain trims, models and features may no longer be available for retail order. Limited inventory may be available at selected dealers. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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Shyanne Orvis, fly fishing