Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Paris Gore

Paris taking a photo.
Paris and his dog with his Bronco® Black Diamond™ SUV shown in Cactus Gray.
2021 model year with optional, aftermarket equipment and available Ford Accessories shown.
A mountain range.
Paris posing for camera.
Adventure Photographer
Paris Gore

As a freelance photographer, Paris documents the world. And he credits an entire world of people with showing him the way so far, from family to friends to fellow photogs. Ten years in, he’s thankful to have “made it” and eager to keep pushing farther and farther away from the trappings of a traditional life. Cue the Ford Bronco® SUV and its insatiable appetite for the unknown and the unexpected. Together, Paris and Bronco will take on bigger snow, deeper mud and higher rocks. This pair clearly isn’t built for following rules. “But if you’re going to follow something, make it your curiosity.”

Paris Gore’s 2023 Bronco® Black Diamond™ model shown in Cactus Gray.
2023 model year; computer-generated image with available SasquatchTM Package shown.
Bronco® Black Diamond Model
Cactus Gray

Paris’ Bronco SUV is outfitted for trips that have no hard end date. Rack-mounted cargo box for snowboards. Bike rack. Plus, a rooftop tent to get out in the mountains “so I can stay a while.”

Paris taking a photo.