Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Nicole Handel

Nicole posing with her two dogs.
Nicole and her dogs with her Bronco® Badlands® SUV shown in Cactus Gray.
2021 model year with optional equipment shown.
A dense forest.
Nicole smiles at camera.
Multisport Adventurer
Nicole Handel

Turns out, dogs can drive. Because according to Nicole, her dogs Bear and Roe drive everything in her life. And most of that life is lived outdoors, from trail runs to rock climbing to splitboard adventures. For Nicole, “Built Wild” is the perfect way to describe the healthy dose of chaos she can’t live without: free, authentic, beautiful and messy. And speaking of grit and dirt, her Bronco® is more than ready to accommodate her big dogs and her even bigger dreams. Her recommendation? Saying “yes” to stuff more often. “You will live an entire lifetime regretting the thing you didn’t try.”

Nicole’s Bronco® Badlands® SUV shown in Cactus Gray.
2021 model year; computer-generated image with available equipment shown.
Bronco Badlands®
Cactus Gray

As a multisport athlete with two large multisport animals, Nicole added the roof cargo box. Now she has even more room for a cornucopia of gear from skis to snowboards to backpacks to… dog food.

Nicole climbing rocks.