Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Lael Johnson

Lael holding a fish he caught.
Lael fishing.
A close-up of the river.
Lael in a fishing boat.
Fly Fishing Guide  |  Photographer
Lael Johnson

Lael’s childhood dream was to become a professional angler. But fishing wasn’t enough – he also wanted to share his moments of adventure, which brought photography into the picture. Today, he’s proud to fill a much-needed space in the world of fishing, as an outdoorsman, guide and mentor whom kids of color can look up to and learn from. Lael’s adult dreams include treks to catch giant fish, from the Seychelles to the Bolivian jungle. On his journey in life, both on and off the water, Lael has often been inspired to keep going by his simple mantra: “One cast can change your life.”

Lael’s 2021 Bronco® Badlands® shown in Shadow Black.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco® Badlands®
Shadow Black

The rooftop two-person HD tent tells you Lael’s planning on going way out there. The roof-mounted fishing rod box and stand-up paddleboard carrier tell you he’s going to be busy. The large pet harness tells you he’s bringing good company.

Lael fishing near a riverbed with his dog.