Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Kicker Muse

Andrew climbs ladder to rooftop tent to see his dog Kicker.
Optional equipment and available Ford Accessories shown.
Andrew hugs his dog Kicker in rooftop tent.
Available Ford Accessories shown.
Andrew Muse’s dog Kicker staring at camera.
Adventure Dog
Kicker Muse

“Sit,” “stay” and “roll over” are for rookies. Since the age of 8 weeks, Kicker’s ridden snowboards, gone ice climbing, hung 10 (20, actually) on a surfboard and blasted through whitewater in a kayak. He’s even flown above the mountains on a hang glider. All of it with his dad and full-time partner-in-adventure, Andrew Muse. As for his standout bucket list item, Kicker unapologetically wants to mark his territory on all of the highest peaks in the U.S. Of course, he fully endorses his dad’s philosophy: “By giving your dog the best life you can, you may just be living your own.”

Kicker’s owner Andrew’s 2021 Bronco® Badlands® shown in Cactus Gray.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco® Badlands®
Cactus Gray

Kicker is content to let Andrew call the shots when it comes to gear. He totally trusts Andrew to do the right thing, all the time, with undying love and affection. Provided he brings those bacon treats.

Andrew and his dog Kicker stand next to a lake and the Bronco®.
Optional equipment and available Ford Accessories shown.