Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Kelsey Sims

Kelsey in a Bronco® Sport SUV.
Always consult the Owner's Manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear.
Kelsey in a fire suit with a wildfire burning in the background.
A smoke-filled sky and debris from a wildfire on the ground.
Kelsey and her dog.
Wildfire Educator
Kelsey Sims

Kelsey’s need to love and protect nature was inspired at an early age by her parents. For years, Kelsey had nature’s back in a bold and courageous job: working for the U.S. Forest Service as a fire lookout in the New Mexico wilderness – living full-time in a tiny fire tower. What fires her up now as a resident of Bend, Oregon? Living in – and loving – the great outdoors. Grabbing as much fun as she can while giving back more than she takes. It all comes down to being responsible. And she reassures anyone who has apprehensions about adventure: “If you’re freaked out, call a friend while doing it!”

Kelsey’s 2023 Bronco® Sport Badlands® model shown in Eruption Green.
2023 model year; computer-generated image with optional equipment shown.
Bronco® Sport Badlands® Model
Eruption Green

While you’re looking out for forest fires, you need to look out for yourself too. Kelsey opts for the protection of the Yakima Rack-Mounted Lockable Cargo Box and the Off-Road Heavy Duty Recovery Kit by Warn. She’s covered.

Kelsey in a fire suit with a wildfire burning in the background.