Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Katie Jo Myers

Katie Jo hanging from a rock cliff.
Katie’s Bronco® Big Bend® SUV with the Sasquatch® package shown in Iconic Silver.
2021 model year with optional equipment and available Sasquatch® Package shown.
Hazy mountainous background.
Katie Jo
Katie Jo smiling with a backpack on.
Rock Climber  |  Creator
Katie Jo Myers

Unlike most of her fellow Team Bronco® adventurers, Katie Jo was no kid when she got into her sport. She started climbing at 28. And it wasn’t until she quit her finance job at 35 that she became a full-time climber. Her biggest accomplishment? It isn’t scaling some mountain. It’s overcoming her doubts and chasing her dream. Which now happens to involve living on a sailboat and being a better steward for the environment. Someday, Katie says, she’ll bike pack the Ring Road of Iceland, driven by her indomitable spirit: “The first step is always the hardest, but you will be amazed at where the journey can lead.”

Katie’s 2021 Bronco® Big Bend® model shown in Iconic Silver.
2021 model year; computer-generated image with available Sasquatch Package shown.
Bronco Big Bend® Sasquatch® Model
Iconic Silver

No gear left behind for Katie. Witness: a folding hitch-mounted basket and rack-mounted lockable cargo box. Plus, in tribute to the 1976 Econoline family van of her childhood, her Bronco SUV rocks a Visco hood cowl and retro design stripes.

Katie Jo rock climbing.