Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Julian Carr

Julian skiing down a steep slope.
Julian with his Bronco® Wildtrak® SUV shown in Rapid Red.
2021 model year with optional equipment shown.
A snowy mountain range.
Julian posing for camera.
Professional Skier
Julian Carr

Julian’s mom taught him to ski – and his parents rewarded his good grades with ski passes. It worked wonders, because today Julian is one of the world’s standout skiers, with a reputation for some of the biggest airs. He holds two cliff height world records for front flips, has written articles on skiing and has been a featured speaker at conferences. But with all of his accomplishments, simply being healthy and happy is Julian’s baseline. As for being more adventurous in life, his take is equally modest: “Don’t look for a quantum leap. Getting out of your comfort zone starts with your first step.”

Julian Carr’s 2021 Bronco® Wildtrak® model shown in Rapid Red.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco® Wildtrak® Model
Rapid Red

With moves like Julian’s, it’s OK to want to show off. And his Bronco SUV certainly does the trick, with custom graphics and the underbody lighting kit. Fade into the background? Um, no.

Julian standing on top of mountain.