Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Frank Smethurst

Frank in a fishing boat.
Frank in his vehicle smiling at the camera.
A forest background.
Frank smiling for the camera.
Adventure Angler and Guide
Frank Smethurst

When the school bell rang, young Frank and his brother William would take off to local waters and fish ‘til dark. They were hooked. Meanwhile, Frank was discovering an even bigger lure to angling, thanks to the life-changing lessons and epic stories from an Atlanta neighbor who was a pioneer in saltwater flats fly-fishing. Apparently, Frank learned a lot, diving headfirst into the sport and eventually winning the 2004 and 2005 Rocky Mountain Region of the Flyfishing Masters. Equally gratifying? Raising a kind, outdoorsy and amazing 1-2year-old daughter – and hitting the trail in his new Bronco® SUV: “Fishing road trips are the key to happiness.”

Frank’s 2021 Bronco® Black Diamond™ model shown in Carbonized Gray.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco Black Diamond Model
Carbonized Gray

The life of a fly fisherman is on the fly. Therefore, Frank’s rooftop heavy-duty tent, portable air compressor kit and heavy-duty, off-road recovery kit, are just a few of the essentials to keep him self-sufficient outdoors.

Frank standing on a rock in the middle of a lake.