Collage pictures showing Erik’s Bronco® Sport Heritage® Limited SUV shown in Yellowstone.

Erik Leon

Erik standing in the snow holding a ski

Professional Snowboarder / Outdoor Enthusiast

For Erik, inspiration came from everywhere: His supportive parents, his neighborhood friends and the people he met riding his local mountain. They all, in one way or another, had his back and fed his voracious appetite for snowboarding. But championships, backside airs and epic hand plants aside, Erik’s MO is giving back to the community, developing his own affordable product line and working with youth-focused nonprofits to make snowboarding more inclusive and accessible for underprivileged kids.

Erik knows all too well that adventure isn’t always an easy road but that hardships and challenges shouldn’t stop anyone: “Step with confidence, expect failure and seek excellence.”

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Erik’s 2023 Bronco® Sport Heritage Limited model shown in Yellowstone


2023 Bronco® Sport Heritage Limited Model

Snowboarders travel with snowboards, and Eric stows his on the Yakima Small Roof-Mounted Cargo Platform. He also runs with the Yakima Rack-Mounted Stand-Up Paddle Board Carrier and Hitch-Mounted Tilting Bicycle Carrier. Why stop at just one sport?

Vehicle Details: 2023 model year; computer-generated image with optional equipment shown. Due to high demand, certain trims, models and features may no longer be available for retail order. Limited inventory may be available at selected dealers. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Note: The Bronco ® Sport Heritage ® Limited model and Yellowstone color option are no longer available.

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Erik at the shoreline with a fishing pole