Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Eric Matt

Eric’s Bronco® Badlands® SUV shown in Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-coat.
2021 model year with available equipment and Sasquatch® Package, optional and available Ford Accessories shown.
Eric looking at mountains in the distance.
Tree in foreground, mountains in background.
Eric posing for camera.
Adventure Photographer
Eric Matt

Eric did college for a while. Then he didn’t. Because he had plans bigger than a university’s curriculum. And his parents came to support the move with love and understanding. Like everyone else in his life, they were swayed by Eric’s passion for his craft. Biggest highs so far? Capturing Alaskan glaciers in their full glory. Biggest hopes? Driving to the Arctic Ocean and swimming in it for summer solstice. He’s certain his Bronco® SUV is up for that, and he’s eloquent on giving life your all: “Years from now, you’ll either thank yourself for pursuing your goals, or you’ll wish you had pursued them.”

Eric Matt’s 2023 Bronco® Badlands® model shown in Hot Pepper Red.
2023 model year; computer-generated image with available equipment and Sasquatch® Package shown. Extra-cost color shown.
Bronco Badlands® Model
Hot Pepper Red

Extreme adventurers need over-the-top capability. And along with his protective rock rails, rooftop tent and HD bumper, his Badlands suspension gives Eric the confidence he needs on the toughest trails.

Eric on top of peak with arms outstretched.