Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Elyse Saugstad

Elyse Saugstad on skis, staring at camera.
Elyse Saugstad doing a ski jump.
Elyse Saugstad, climbing snowy mountain.
Elyse Saugstad posing for camera.
Professional Skier
Elyse Saugstad

Step one for gaining a love of the great outdoors: Grow up in the mountains of Alaska. No wonder Elyse first got on skis at the age of 3. And the encouragement of her family and a tight-knit group of friends launched her into a no-holds-barred life on the snow. Championship titles aside, her ultimate goal is to head to Antarctica for some new mountains to conquer. Of course, there’s no better way to find unexplored territory than in the Bronco SUV. Elyse is goal-oriented but cautions the adventure-minded to pursue big dreams in small chunks: “Yard by yard is hard. Inch by inch is a cinch.”

Elyse Saugstad’s 2021 Bronco® Badlands® 4-door model shown in Cactus Gray.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown with available equipment.
Bronco® Badlands® Model
Cactus Gray

Rack-mounted cargo box for the skis? Check. Hitch-mounted bike rack for the bike? Check. Dashcam with rear-facing camera bundle for Elyse’s dream to find the abominable snowman? Check.

Elyse Saugstad posing for camera.