Collage pictures showing Colter’s Bronco® Badlands® SUV shown in Area 51.

Colter Hinchliffe


Colter rock climbing

Professional Skier / Rock Climber

Grow up in Aspen and chances are your feet are going to be attached to skis. Colter’s attachment came at the age of three and progressed quickly  with a handmade jump and backflips on his own steep driveway. Stoked by tips from local pros, his ski dream got bigger – leading to star turns in a gloveful of epic ski films. These days, rock climbing is another passion, which makes the Bronco® SUV an essential tool in his adventure gearbox. “Access is key to get the most out of the mountains,” says Colter. “You’ll never regret going on the adventure. But you will regret not going.”


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Colter’s 2021 Bronco® Badlands®  model shown in Area 51

Area 51

Bronco® Badlands® Model

For Colter, adventure is way more than just a pair of skis. Thus, the rack-mounted large cargo basket and lockable cargo box. Plus, a portable mini fridge/freezer. Colter likes cold stuff. Who knew?...more
Vehicle Details: 2021 model year; computer-generated image with available equipment shown. Due to high demand, certain trims, models and features may no longer be available for retail order. Limited inventory may be available at selected dealers. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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Colter with ski goggles on