Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Abe Kislevitz

Abe’s Bronco® Sport parked in front of scenic mountains.
2021 model year; optional equipment shown.
Abe in outdoor setting smiling.
A scenic mountain background.
Abe posing for the camera.
Adventure Filmmaker
Abe Kislevitz

Skiing. Surfing. Climbing. Downhill mountain biking. Name an adrenaline-pumping sport, and Abe has likely shot it. He also happens to be a natural at all of them. As a senior production artist for GoPro, Abe has gone to the ends of the Earth to capture the most intense athletic action anywhere. His Bronco® gives him the setup he needs to carry all of his cargo, from camera gear to climbing rope to longboards. On the topic of putting time and effort into getting out there and finding adventure, Abe is emphatic: “The juice is worth the squeeze.”

The 2023 Bronco® Wildtrak® model shown in Carbonized Gray.
2023 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco® Wildtrak® Model
Carbonized Gray

An intrepid adventurer, Abe can do it all. And his Bronco SUV keeps up with his every whim, shifting from skiing to surfing to biking to climbing at the drop of a carabiner.

Abe Surfing.