Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Aaron Mulkey

Aaron rock climbing.
Aaron’s Bronco® Wildtrak® model shown in Carbonized Gray.
2021 model year with available Sasquatch® Package and optional equipment shown.
A snow covered mountain.
Aaron posing for the camera.
Professional Ice Climber
Aaron Mulkey

Aaron’s dad had a penchant for taking the road less traveled. For Aaron, it spurred a like-minded worldview. And ultimately, the need to go where there are no roads at all. The numbers tell the tale: almost 300 first ascents climbing all over the planet. And 12 first descents in a kayak – including what he believes to be the largest waterfall kayak run in Wyoming. Building a reputation that far off the grid is no cakewalk. But his obstacle-crushing Bronco® SUV is up for an earthly challenge. On any day that ends in a “Y,” Aaron still follows his father’s lead: “Choose the unknown and adventure will follow.”

Aaron’s 2021 Bronco® WildTrak® model shown in Carbonized Gray.
2021 model year; computer-generated image with available Sasquatch® Package shown.
Bronco WildTrak® Model
Carbonized Gray

Aaron rides the extreme edge of, well, everything. So he loads up his Bronco SUV with capable tools to keep him in the game: a heavy-duty recovery kit and a pair of off-road recovery boards.

Aaron rock climbing.