Why won't SYNC notify me of my iPhone's text messages?

We know how frustrating it is when you can’t get important messages while driving.

If you have an iPhone, and SYNC® isn’t notifying you of your text messages, try these steps:27, 43

1. Check the version of software for both SYNC and your iPhone.*

Only more recent iOS releases (6.1.3 and above) allow SYNC to support text messaging.

(Help me check my SYNC software version.)

2. While your iPhone is connected to your vehicle, access its Bluetooth® settings and activate Notifications.48 (Help me pair my phone.)

  • On your iPhone, touch Settings > Bluetooth > SYNC
  • Set Show Notifications to ON.

3. Make sure your iPhone screen is locked.

Otherwise, your iPhone won’t notify SYNC of incoming text messages.

4. Run a test; ask a friend to text your iPhone.
Here’s what should happen:

  • A soft tone will sound, and a notification will display on your touchscreen. Press or pull the Voice button and say, “Listen to text message,” and SYNC will read your text aloud.

If your test isn’t successful, you may need to restore your iPhone to its factory settings, and repeat the steps above.