What is my SYNC®* with Voice-Activated Navigation software version?

  1. Press the PHONE hard button.
  2. Press Settings. You may have to do this twice depending on whether a phone is connected or not.
  3. Press Advanced.
  4. Press the down arrow twice and press System Information to see the FPN number.

Use the table below to match the CCPU number with your SYNC software version.

SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation
Software Version CIP/FPN
V1.01 8L2T-14D544-AD
V1.02 8L2T-14D544-AE
V1.1 9L3T-14D544-AC
V1.2 9L3T-14D544-AD
V1.3 9L3T-14D544-AE
V2 9L2T-14D544-BC
V2.01 9L2T-14D544-BD
V2.1 9L2T-14D544-BE
V3 AR3T-14D544-AC
V3.01 AR3T-14D544-AD
V3.1 AR3T-14D544-AE
V3.1.1 CM5T-14D544-AC
V3.1.4 CM5T-14D544-AD
V3.1.6 CM5T-14D544-AE
V3.2 BG1T-14D544-AB
V3.2.2.2 BG1T-14D544-AD
V3.2.4 BG1T-14D544-AG
V3.2.5 BG1T-14D544-AH
V3.2.6 BG1T-14D544-AJ
V4.0 CR3T-14D544-AB
V4.0.2 CR3T-14D544-AC
V4.1.2 DG1T-14D544-AC
V4.1.3 DR3T-14D544-AD
V4.1.4 DL3T-14D544-AB
V4.2.1 DG1T-14D544-AE
V4.2.1.4 DR3T-14D544-AE
V4.3 EJ5T-14D544-AA
V4.4 FJ5T-14D544-AA
V4.4 FJ5T-14D544-AB
V4.4 DE8T-14D544-AC
V4.4 CM5T-14D544-AF
V4.4 DR3T-14D544-AF
V4.4 DL3T-14D544-AE
V4.6 Varies depending on vehicle and region
V4.8 Varies depending on vehicle and region

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*Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.