What are the Wallbox Webview Controls?

With the Wallbox Webview feature, you can perform the following functions:

  • Lock/Unlock the charger
  • View Charging Insights 
    • View Charge Events
    • Day/Week/Month/Year displaying the time and day when each charge occurred along with energy usage. 
  • Settings
    • Access Control
    • Auto Unlock 
    • Max Current Charge 
    • Charger Nickname 
    • Charger Location 
    • Add/Remove Charger
    • Setup and Configure a charger
  • Station Sharing 
    • Invite or Remove Users

To view, edit or access these functions:

  1. In the FordPass app, navigate to the More landing page. 
  2. Select Your Charge Station.

Note: In order to view these options in the FordPass link out, your Wallbox must be setup. 

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