What do I do if I am unable to create a Ford Account?

You might get an error message when trying to create a Ford Account. Certain rules apply to the email address that you use to register:

  • Ensure you are using Chrome, Edge, or another browser to create your Ford account. Ford websites no longer support the Internet Explorer browser.
  • The email address should have only one @ symbol.
  • Certain special characters are not allowed such as spaces, closing braces, semi-colons, and tick marks.
  • The length of the email address before the @ symbol should be more than one character (a@aol.com will fail because it is only 1 character).
  • Do not add a period after @.
  • Do not use any of the following values: 'NO,' 'NONE,' 'NOSPAM,' 'NA,' 'N/A,' 'NOT,' 'EMAIL,' 'TEST,' 'INFO,' 'ADMIN,' 'SPAM,' 'WEB, 'ABUSE,' 'ADMIN,' 'COMMENTS,' 'HELP,' 'HOSTMASTER,' 'POSTMASTER,' PRIVACY,' 'REGISTRAR,' 'SALES,' 'SECURITY,' 'SPAM,' 'SUPPORT,' 'SYSADMIN,' or 'WEBMASTER'. 

If you receive error messages such as "Call failed, please try again later" or "Account Already Exists," contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center using our Live Chat option or by calling 1-800-392-3673.

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