How do I troubleshoot my Phone As a Key™ (PAAK) Backup Start Passcode?

If you have a Backup Start Passcode set up and your phone is not functional, (e.g. a drained battery) or if your phone is lost, stolen, or destroyed, the passcode will not show up when you press your brake and start button. Your vehicle's SYNC® screen will also be black. 

Use the steps below to troubleshoot your Backup Start Passcode.

Note: Before you start troubleshooting, ensure your Customer Connectivity Settings are enabled. 

  1. Do not keep pressing the start button. 
  2. Slowly pump your vehicle brakes to wake the SYNC screen.
  3. Once the screen is up, depress and hold the brake for a few seconds.
  4. Release the brake and wait 15 seconds.
  5. Depress and hold the brake for a few seconds again, and release.
  6. Within one to two minutes, your SYNC screen should display the Backup Start Passcode screen.

If the above steps are unsuccessful, please select to contact a Guide for further assistance.