What vehicle details are available for my Battery Electric Vehicle?

To use Battery Electric Vehicle features in FordPass®, you must:

  • Have an active FordPass account.
  • Have a Battery Electric Vehicle added to the app.
    • Ford Mach-E

The Battery Electric Vehicle Details page includes:

  • Vehicle Details
    • Charge Level
    • Vehicle Location 
    • Tire Pressure
    • Recommend Cold Pressure
  • Vehicle Hotspot
  • Next Departure Time
  • Driving Trends
  • Achievements
  • Glove Box includes:
    • Vehicle Details 
    • Vehicle Support
    • Vehicle Health Report
    • Remove Vehicle 

Under the Manage EV tab, the following displays:

  • Manage Charging 
  • Charge Times 
  • Departure Times
  • Trip and Battery Charge Logs 
  • Charge Level Notifications 
  • Notification Settings