How do I start my vehicle?

FordPass® offers numerous convenient ways to effortlessly start your journey and this includes how you choose to start your vehicle. Start options will vary, as they are - year, make, model, and trim level specific.

Options to start your vehicle may include:

Manual Start

  • Key Fob - The most traditional way of starting your vehicle. This requires your key fob be inserted into the ignition and turned in order for the engine to turn on.
  • Push-Start - Also known as Intelligent Access Key, once the vehicle detects the fob inside the cabin, depress the brake and press the vehicle's Start button.

Remote Start

  • Key Fob – using your properly equipped key fob, you are able to select the lock button followed by your remote start button twice (has the 2x icon). This key sequence should cause your headlamps to flash two times and your engine to start.
  • SYNC/FordPass Connect™ - The original remote start in FordPass. Press and hold on the Start icon located on the Home landing screen.
  • Phone as a Key - Offered on select model vehicles, press and hold the Start icon located on the Phone as a Key landing page.

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