How is the Oil Life Time and Distance Estimator different from the in-vehicle Oil Life Monitor system?

The OLTDE utilizes the vehicle's onboard oil life software that monitors critical engine operating parameters in order to predict the degradation of the engine oil. (The Vehicle Oil Monitor is known as the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor and is present in the engine management system) This system continuously monitors the condition of the engine oil and will provide vehicle operator notification of an impending oil change (“Oil Change Soon”) requirement or an “Oil Change is Required” Message. (Note: User must still periodically check the engine oil level. Consult the owner’s manual for procedure)

The Connected Vehicle system utilizes on board vehicle data that is being transmitted from the vehicle to estimate when the vehicles oil life will degrade to 0% based on the learned vehicle operation. In certain cases, it is possible that the vehicle usage changes dramatically due to an uncharacteristic trip or excessive vehicle idling. In such cases, the web based application values will compensate for this variation but the user may see that time and mileage predictions have changed significantly. In cases where inadequate data has been made available to the cloud system (Example very infrequent vehicle usage), the application may only display the Oil Life percentage until additional data is collected and or the vehicle driving habits are learned.