How do I get walking directions from my location to my vehicle?

To use the Destinations features with FordPass:

  • Your vehicle must have SYNC® 3 with an In-Vehicle Navigation System.
  • You must disable Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay®.
  • Location Services must be turned on.

When you arrive at your destination and turn off your vehicle, a notification will appear advising you that your parking spot has been pinned. You can now get walking directions.

Get walking directions from parking location to destination:

  1. Click on the notification and Destinations information will appear.
  2. Add parking reminders:
    • Set a parking timer
    • Take a photo
    • Make notes
  3. Tap the Check Mark icon to save your changes.
  4. Select Get Walking Directions for directions to your destination.

Get walking directions from destination to parking location:

  1. Select Map from the FordPass landing screen. 
  2. Click on the Pinned Vehicle icon.
  3. Tap the L-shaped arrow for navigation options back to your vehicle. 

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