How do I get help after an accident?

To access Collision Assistance via the FordPass® app: 

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page. 
    • If your vehicle is equipped with an embedded modem, select the Service & Support tab.
  2. Tap Collision Assistance under the Glove Box menu. 
  3. You will have the option to:
    • Find a Ford certified collision assistance center
    • Enter accident notes
    • Find options to seek help including:
      • Contacts
      • Towing companies 
      • Uber/Lyft
      • Social media friends
    • Phone Guide - Helps you capture damage details to the vehicle, the scene of the accident, and document driver insurance information as well as license plate numbers. 
      • Note: this feature will use the default camera app on your device. You must allow access to the camera when you receive the notification request.