How do I manage Preferred Charge Times for my Electric Vehicle?

You can set up two windows of charge times as preferred charge times during the weekday, which is designed to help you charge your vehicle at the most cost efficient times. 

To access your Preferred Charge times:

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page.
  2. Tap the Manage EV tab.
  3. Select Charge Times.
  4. There should be two tabs, which are:
    • Saved Locations
      • Note: If no locations are saved, then a message will display advising you to add saved locations. You can select and save a location from the Previous Locations tab.
    • Previous Locations

To assign a name and set up preferred charge times:

  1. Select a location from either list.
  2. Tap the section labeled Name.
  3. Assign a name to the charge location.
  4. Tap My charge times.
  5. Select your preferred Start Time and End Time.
    • Note: You can set up two windows for your weekday charge times.
  6. Tap Save

To use Recommended Times from a utility provider:

  1. Tap Recommended times.
  2. Follow and confirm the app prompts. 
  3. Choose your utility provider from the list. 
    • Note: If your provider is not listed, you can edit the zip code to find a provider.
  4. Select your plan that you have with your provider.
    • Note: If your plan is not listed, you can still manually set Charge Times. 
  5. Tap Next
  6. The best charging times offered by your provider will appear.
    • Select Confirm to save.
    • Select Cancel, set my own charge times if you do not want to use the Recommended Times.