How do I create schedules for my SecuriAlerts?

In order to use SecuriAlert with FordPass®, you must:

  • Have a properly equipped vehicle added to the app.
    • Current eligible vehicles are the Mach-E and 2021 F-150.
  • Activate your embedded modem.

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page.
  2. Select SecuriAlert.
  3. Tap Scheduler.
  4. Select Add new schedule
  5. Enter a Schedule name.
  6. Confirm your preferred duration, which are following:
    • All day 
      • Slide the toggle to the right to enable an all day schedule.
    • Set start and end times
      • Enter your preferred start time and end time. 
  7. Determine your Schedule frequency.
  8. Select Save schedule

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