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Faith Henderson

Faith Henderson

Engineer, Executive Officer, 1437th MRBC (Multi-Role Bridge Company).

Ford Global Data Insight Analytics IT Product Manager

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A Ford Thirty Under 30 alumna, Faith Henderson was hired straight out of college by the Ford College Graduate Program, almost five years ago. Currently still serving in the army alongside her employment as an IT Product Manager at Ford, Henderson considers being a service member one of the most important achievements in her life.

Henderson was drawn to the service through the friends that she made in college, who, coincidentally, were all in the military. After observing their characters and the values that they practiced, she felt convinced that she wanted to follow the same path and become part of something bigger.

Realizing that many of the skills that she’d learned in the military were very similar to the ones necessary for her role at Ford, she feels at an advantage to excel in both. “I learned how to be disciplined, organized, a self-starter; all while also being a team player. All of these lessons are immensely important in the military and civilian worlds alike.”

When Henderson is not working, she enjoys weightlifting, running and playing video games. She also recently became an aunt and now spends a lot of time with her new nephew. Henderson, a proud Ford employee, confirms that she never needs to worry about not having a job when she comes back from her service. She explains that when she recently came back from serving in Liberia, her position at Ford was not affected and she seamlessly integrated as if she never left.