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Erin Meadows

Erin Meadows

U.S. Navy Master Chief Legalman

Ford Governance, Licensing and Compliance Manager

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It was her love of travel, adventure, and camaraderie that made Erin Meadows enlist in the U.S. Navy, from which she retired in 2016. While she’s been with Ford in various roles since 1996, she currently works as a governance, licensing, and compliance manager.

Meadows’ experience is unique, as she transitioned from military to civilian life and back again. She joined active duty for four years in 1990 and then the Navy Reserve in 1994 before starting at Ford. In 2010 she received a call at work that she was going to be mobilized to Afghanistan for 14 months to support the army. That meant she was going to be away from her family for that long, whereby previously, she only left for two or three weeks at a time.

Since Afghanistan, Meadows has made sure not to miss any of her two daughters’ school and sporting events. “Now college-age and living at home, my daughters were my motivation to do well and come home from Afghanistan and that rings true today. Everything I do, I do it to be a better role model for them and teach them how to become civic-minded individuals who stand by their principles,” she explains.

A proud employee of Ford and a strong believer in relationships built on trust and integrity, Meadows confirms that if it weren’t for her great network of co-workers, she wouldn’t have been able to mobilize as easily and transition from her service to civilian life. They helped her stay connected to work while she was deployed for weeks, and then months, at a time.