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David Popejoy

David Popejoy

U.S. Navy Lieutenant (junior grade), IUSS (Integrated Undersea Surveillance System) Watch Officer

Ford Supervisor — HV Battery Durability and NVH CAE

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David Popejoy joined Ford Motor Company several years after he left the Navy and has been employed there since 1998. As a supervisor for the team that analyzes durability and NVH for HV (high voltage) battery packs, Popejoy found himself applying many of his Navy skills, like cultivating a strong sense of teamwork, in his current role.

Popejoy decided to enlist right after receiving his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and attending Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. The Navy gave him the confidence to pursue his graduate degree, his Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics. The discipline he acquired by being in the military really helped him enhance his life and grow in his career. He enjoyed being focused on a mission with his teammates and applies the true team player attitude at Ford as well.

What Popejoy appreciates about being employed at Ford is that the company recognizes and honors the dedicated service and time spent in the military to serve his country. Now that he has some time to spend doing the things he enjoys, Popejoy picked up off-roading, a hobby that he’d left behind years ago.

“I recently got a Ford Bronco™ Sport Badlands™ which I’ve driven off-road quite a bit, to off-road trails in Colorado, Tennessee and Utah, to name a few. I hope to get a new ‘big’ Bronco soon, to explore even more trails,” he explains proudly.