Ben Davis

Ben Davis

Infantry Soldier, U.S. Army
Human Factors Engineer, Ford

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It was in New York, not long after 9/11, that Ben Davis decided to enlist. He was playing soccer professionally at the time and had visited Ground Zero. That’s when he realized there was more to life than just playing a game. Davis learned a lot about himself during his service, mainly that anything is possible with the right mindset. Problem-solving, hard work and seeing the world through other people’s eyes were also skills he cultivated in the military and continues to apply in his civilian life.

Davis had no idea what he wanted to achieve growing up, but he was lucky to have had a good support system that helped him go back to school after serving. He currently works in the Driver Distraction Group at Ford Motor Company, specifically looking at the cognitive workload that vehicles place on drivers. He feels that Ford is very sensitive to what veterans have gone through and offers valuable support to those who suffer from PTSD, unlike many other companies that he feels don’t support employees who’ve experienced the kind of trauma that results from combat. Although Davis feels that Ford prioritizes veteran employees, he hopes that the company can also integrate more adaptive features in vehicles, offering even better incentives for service members.

When Davis is not working, he enjoys exploring the outdoors with his kids. He also coaches soccer and took up ultrarunning a few years ago. Because he loves learning new skills, he recently started learning how to play the guitar.