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Adam Blake

Adam Blake

United States Marine Corps Corporal, Squad Leader

FordHuman Resources Manager

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Structure and discipline are two words Corporal Adam Blake uses to describe his life, because as the old saying goes, he says, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Blake joined the Marine Corps on his seventeenth birthday, a few weeks after graduating from high school. The tragic events of October 1983 prompted his decision.

Although he had every liberty at his disposal in college, Blake graduated with honors. He believes he owes his college achievements to the structured and disciplined way of life as a Marine. During his service he also learned that he was more capable than he ever thought possible.

After leaving the service, Blake found himself missing the sense of fellowship and team mindset that he’d learned to cultivate among his peers. But the Ford Veteran Network Group (VETNG) was vital in reconnecting him with other veterans and bridging the gap between his military and civilian life. He feels that Ford has been incredibly good to him and his family during his career. The contribution and support initiated by Ford to former service members is unmistakable, and Blake admits that he’d like to see a continued growth in assisting veterans to transition seamlessly into civilian life, with work opportunities and retirement support.

When Blake is not working, he enjoys long-exposure photography and is a published photographer, as well as a proud father of two teenage daughters. He’s currently engaged with plans to marry in March of 2022.