David Popejoy

David Popejoy

U.S. Navy Lieutenant (junior grade), IUSS (Integrated Undersea Surveillance System) Watch Officer

Ford Supervisor — HV Battery Durability and NVH CAE

“I think it’s awesome to have so many fellow veterans working at Ford, and I am quite proud to be part of this community.”

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Adam Blake

Adam Blake

United States Marine Corps Corporal, Squad Leader

FordHuman Resources Manager

“I’m a fifth-generation Ford employee, serving the company behind my great grandfather, grandfather, dad and older brother. I’ve been honored to be part of the Ford Family for nearly 27 years.”

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Sic Stevens

Sic Stevens

U.S. Army Specialist, SPC

Ford D&R Engineer

“The Army teaches us how to represent the uniform we wore; however, they never taught us how to remove it. Life values that stay with you can be advantageous.”

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Ben Davis

Ben Davis

U.S. Army Infantry Soldier

Ford Human Factors Engineer

“Ford Motor Company is the first place that I’ve ever worked that I have felt comfortable about sharing experiences or even struggles with PTSD without the fear of being stigmatized. This is a really big deal for a lot of us who have experienced combat and trauma.”

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Derek Rugge

Derek Rugge

U.S. Navy Naval Aircrewman AWV2 (NAC/AW)

Ford CBG/Operational Buyer

“Ford helped by offering me the Ford Veteran Network Group and Ford College Graduate Program as resources. It is great to have so many helpful and resourceful coworkers that I can go to, to learn how to do things that go beyond my job.”

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Erin Meadows

Erin Meadows

U.S. Navy Master Chief Legalman

Ford Governance, Licensing and Compliance Manager

“Transitioning back to work after Afghanistan couldn’t have been done without my manager and my immediate co-workers at Ford. They were instrumental in helping me ease back into my civilian life.”

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Raymond W. Allbright

Raymond W. Allbright

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant

Ford Product Owner, Ford Credit

“Ford’s policies, programs, and their philosophy of One Ford, Ford+, and others, establish their resolve to be there for their employees, and I’ve experienced firsthand how they stand by their employees.”

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Faith Henderson

Faith Henderson

Engineer, Executive Officer, 1437th MRBC (Multi-Role Bridge Company).

Ford Global Data Insight Analytics IT Product Manager

“Ford always has my back. Since I am still currently serving as an army engineer officer, I do have to go on leave to support our nation. Ford helps me transition my work to a manageable amount while I am gone and then helps reintroduce me back to the workplace.”

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Monika Perez

Monika Perez

U.S. Army Private First Class, Automated Logistical Specialist

Ford Program Manager

“I couldn’t be prouder and happier that my brothers and sisters in arms are still in the “battle” with me… we might have hung up our uniforms, but we will never hang up that American pride.”

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Francesca Klein Litow

Francesca Klein Litow

US Navy Commander, Medical Corps

Ford Corporate Medical Director

“Learning that Ford is an employer of choice that recognizes the value of veterans’ experiences, celebrates their contributions to the company and to the community, and strives to include them, makes me proud to be a member of the Ford family.”

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