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City Innovation Services

City Innovation Services are part of our broader City:One initiative, dedicated to innovative ideas and pilots created through a community-centered design approach.

Challenge your city

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Here’s how it starts

We work with residents and cities to define a central question.

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Our goal

Bring community-led mobility solutions to cities.

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Joining us

We’ve worked with Dell, Microsoft and AT&T. The only piece missing is you.

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What next?

View our Challenge opportunities and choose one you’d like to join.

“I think the most unique part of the program is that you have folks coming together to try to find a technological solution. There is no one solution to mobility problems. Most cities, most large metropolis have the same kind of issues, we have the same kind of infrastructure and so something that can work here to help lessen our traffic problems, could probably work around the world.”

- Carlos A. Giménez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County

Take to the streets

The Living Street of Tomorrow is our vision for the evolution of today’s roadways. Join us, and the National Street Service, in making the streets safer, more enjoyable and more efficient for everyone.

"Now is our opportunity to … re-imagine how our streets and cities function much more efficiently. With the power of AI and the rise of autonomous and connected vehicles, we have technology capable of a complete disruption and redesign of the surface transportation system for the first time in a century."

- Jim Hackett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company

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