See how a Ford EV could make a good match with your daily budget.

Public Charging

Wherever the road takes you, never be far from a charging solution.
Various electric vehicle charging network logos

The BlueOval Charge Network

Discover the largest public charging network in North America.174 Get access to thousands of charging locations, whenever you’re away from home.

See Chargers

Home Charging

See how it can be a true game changer. Get home in the evening. Plug in. Wake up to a Ford EV that’s ready for your average commute.


What is range with an EV? Just think of it as the “distance to empty” indicator you’ve seen in a gas-powered car. The amount of charge an EV’s battery holds is comparable to the size of a conventional car’s fuel tank. See what factors can affect range and what you can do to maximize it.
The Ford EV range tool displayed on a tablet device

See What EV Range Looks Like

Use this convenient tool to choose a Ford EV and plan a potential trip. Then see what its EPA estimated range might look like on a map, based on a full charge.

Calculate Range


A side benefit of owning a Ford EV? All the incredible tech that comes along with it.

EV Ownership

With far fewer oil changes and potentially longer periods between scheduled maintenance visits, you’ll discover that owning a Ford EV is a totally new experience.
  • Woman plugging a charger into a Mustang Mach-E® parked in a garage

    Maintaining a Mustang Mach-E

    Find tips, tools, and checklists to help keep your Mustang Mach-E running smoothly.
    Mustang Mach-E® Premium with optional equipment and extra-cost color option shown.

  • Woman exiting passenger side of an F-150 Lightning® with its frunk open and full of items

    Maintaining an F-150 Lightning

    From tires and brakes to battery maintenance, keep your truck road-ready.

  • Lower rear view of an F-150 Lightning® being driven down a city street

    EV Battery Warranty

    High-capacity Ford EV batteries are covered for eight years or up to 100,000 miles. Whichever comes first.

More Resources

Still not sure if an EV is the right choice for you? Here are some additional tools to help make your decision.

Explore Going Electric

Dig into the full breadth of Ford EVs, related products, and services.

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