To protect and serve.

Passing a 75-mph rear-crash test is among the many strengths that have defined the Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility. The Police Interceptor will continue this tradition of extreme officer protection. Ford SPACE (Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement) Architecture and structural reinforcement work together to help protect you on the job.

75-MPH Rear-Crash Tested

Passing a 75-mph rear-crash test is among the many strengths that have defined the Ford Police Interceptor.


Available ballistic front door panels manufactured by BLS are designed to full Level III and IV plus specifications.

Structural Integrity

In the event of a crash, advanced safety technology helps to absorb the energy of the collision and to direct the impact forces away from the occupants.

Personal Safety System

The standard Personal Safety System employs a network of sophisticated sensors that control the operation of the vehicle's airbags and front safety belts.

Safety Canopy® System

The standard Ford Safety Canopy System deploys side-curtain airbags* for outside passenger head protection in the event of a rollover accident.

Side Airbags

Standard side airbags are mounted in the upper outside edge of the front driver and passenger seat backs.

Reverse Sensing System

The available Reverse Sensing System helps to mitigate rear vehicle scuffs and bumps.

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