Excess Wear and Use

Approximately 120-150 days before your lease is scheduled to end, a Lease-End Brochure will be sent outlining what to expect when returning your lease vehicle.

In addition, 35-45 days before your lease is scheduled to end, you will be contacted by either your originating dealer* or a vehicle inspection company to arrange a date for your vehicle inspection. This inspection is a standard practice and recommended so that you will be aware of our assessment of Excess Wear and Use on your vehicle. If for some reason you are not contacted about an inspection, contact your dealer for assistance.

On or before the scheduled lease-end date, return your vehicle to your originating dealer*. We suggest scheduling an appointment for vehicle return in advance to ensure your dealer will be ready to support your needs. Failing to return your vehicle on time could result in additional charges as described in your Lease Agreement.

To fulfill your lease obligations, you need to be present at vehicle return to:

  • Review and sign the Odometer Statement (required by federal law)
  • Pay any Excess Mileage, Excess Wear and Use charges and any applicable lease Disposition Fee. 

*If the originating dealer is out of business or you are unable to return the vehicle to the originating dealer, contact the closest same-brand dealer.

If you are having trouble locating a participating same brand dealer, please contact Customer Service

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