Explanation of Term/Lease Term Field

"Current term" may vary from original term if;
1) any payments have been extended, and/or
2) the account was rescheduled. See an example of each scenario below.

Deferred Payments: An account with two deferred payments and an original term of 60 months will be displayed as "Term - 62 Months". Please be assured, this will not change the number of contractual payments you are required to remit. 

Rescheduled Account: An account with an original term of 60 months and 34 payments made that was rescheduled and extended for a new term of 72 months, will be displayed as "Term 98 Months" Note, as a reschedule extends the length of the contract, the "Term" field accurately represents the total number of payments that will be made by the end of the rescheduled term.  Rescheduled Ford Options accounts loose the options to transfer ownership of the vehicle to Ford Credit at end-of-term or refinance the final balloon payment.

Please feel free to visit the Account History section of Account Manager to review the most recent payment history. You can also request a detailed payment history once every 30 days.

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