What is CommerciaLease?

  • It is an open-end TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease
  • Is a lease where the lessee is responsible for the residual value at lease end
  • Is for vehicles used more than 50% of the time for business purposes

How does CommerciaLease benefit your business?

  • Specialized equipment and upfits can be residualized
  • No excess wear and use penalties
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Payment structures to meet cash flow needs
  • Master lease agreement
  • Combined billing
  • Service and maintenance contracts can be included
  • Commercial line of credit availability

Eligible Lessees

An eligible lessee must be a commercial entity (sole proprietor, corporation or LLC) that will use the vehicle more that 50% of the time for business purposes.  Also eligible are nonprofit organizations and private colleges and universities that are not designated as municipalities.

Eligible Vehicles

Eligible vehicles are:

  • New and used: cars, light trucks and medium/heavy trucks of all makes
  • Vehicles with upfits
  • CNG/LPG/Bi-Fuel/BEV

NOTE: Vehicles hauling hazardous materials or used for people moving/passenger transport are subject to Ford Credit review and approval.

Ineligible Use

Vehicles used for the following purposes are not eligible:

  • Emergency, fire and ambulance
  • For hire livery service of any type (includes taxi)
  • Rental units
  • Driver education units
  • Federal, State or Local Government
  • Municipal vehicles
  • School Bus

Payment in Advance and Payment in Arrears

Payment in advance is a payment stream in which each lease payment is due at the beginning of each period during the lease.  Payment in arrears is due at the end of each period.

Interim Rent

Interim rent is an industry standard for TRAC leasing.  It is a charge for the use of the vehicle from its in-service or delivery date until the date upon which the lease commences.  Your interim rent amount will be included and billed on the first invoice received from Ford Credit.  It is not paid to the dealer.

Payment Due Date and Due Date Changes

You and your dealer will determine your due date at the time of lease inception.  For due date changes, please contact 800-727-7000 for assistance.

Payment Remittance

A billing invoice is generated approximately 20 days prior to the due date.  If you do not receive an invoice within 30 days after leasing your vehicle, please contact 800-727-7000.

Combined Billing

With CommerciaLease, you are automatically enrolled in Combined Billing, which consolidates your monthly statement. Plus, it gives you the convenience of making one payment. And it’s free of charge.


You are required to maintain liability and physical damage insurance on your vehicle at all times as stipulated in your Master Lease Agreement.

Lease Termination

Approximately 120 days prior to the termination date, you will receive a lease-end communication outlining your options.

Lease end options

As the Lessee, you are responsible for the residual and have several options at the end of your CommerciaLease*:

  • Contact our Business Center at 800-727-7000 to:
    • Obtain a payoff quote and assistance with the buyout process
    • Discuss the option to extend the term of your lease agreement**
    • Have Ford Credit sell the vehicle for you
  • Contact your dealer to:
    • Purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle and facilitate the trade in of your current CommerciaLease
    • Assist you with terminating your existing CommerciaLease account. You will need to schedule a vehicle return appointment with your originating dealer.

Note: You are responsible for any deficiency between the balance owed and the selling price (including any costs incurred to sell the vehicle as agreed upon in your Master Lease Agreement).

Call Ford Credit at 800-727-7000 if you have questions or need additional assistance.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of your CommerciaLease agreement. **Extensions may be available based on credit review and approval.  Term restrictions apply.

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