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Delivery vehicles carry anything from newspapers and parcels to business supplies. Food truck commissaries provide convenient service on the road. These are the walk-in vans commonly seen delivering services of virtually every kind. And the platform most preferred for these commercial vehicles? The Ford Stripped Chassis.
Commercial delivery van


The F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis with Parcel Delivery Van Package is
ideal for walk-in van applications. It offers three wheelbases and is designed
for upfit body lengths from 16 to 24 ft.
Parcel Delivery Van Package for F59 Commercial Stripped Chassis


With its available seven wheelbases and GVWRs up to 26,000 lbs., the F-53 Stripped Chassis accommodates a wide range of Class A motorhomes. Power is delivered by the standard 6.8L Triton® 3-valve V10 rated at 320 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque.
F53 Motorhome Stripped Chassis
Commercial Vehicle Center product lineup


Over 675 dealers in our extensive nationwide network are specially trained and equipped to sell, service and finance the complete line of Class 1–7 Ford commercial vehicles. Let a Ford commercial dealer show you all the exceptional services available for your business.

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Vehicles with aftermarket equipment shown.

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Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services

Our manufacturer-grade telematics hardware and software have been engineered in conjunction with the Ford vehicles your fleet uses every day. This means that they work together seamlessly to deliver solutions that are easy to implement and can have an immediate and positive impact on your operational effectiveness. Our products are continually evolving too, so that you’ll always benefit from the latest telematics solutions, direct from Ford.

You will be able to monitor a wide range of vehicle data and information in real time, including but not limited to the examples below:

  • GPS tracking and location
  • Vehicle speed
  • Harsh braking or acceleration
  • Excessive idling and fuel waste
  • Seatbelt use
  • Oil life remaining

For more information about Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services, please visit commercialsolutions.ford.com or call 1-833-811-FORD (1-833-811-3673).

Available spring 2019.