2025 F-650 - F-750


Designed to Work Hard & Work Smart

Ford F-650® and F-750® trucks don't just get the job done—they get it done well. The work-ready frames are designed to accommodate vocational bodies with ease. The available class-exclusive* 7.3L V8 gas engine offers massive power and durability for a variety of applications. And trucks equipped with the available 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel engine include an Operator-Commanded Regeneration feature to help control exhaust soot, an Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor® to alert you when you need an oil change based on actual vehicle usage and an available rapid-heat cab heater.

* Class is 6–7 Conventional Chassis Cabs.

Extra-cost color option shown.

2025 Ford F-750 SuperCab with upfit in Oxford White and 2025 Ford F-750 Crew Cab in Agate Black with upfit at work site

Clean, Easy Upfitting

Ford Medium Duty trucks feature work-ready frames. Developed with leading upfitters, these frames require few or no modifications to accommodate vocational bodies. This collaboration resulted in the relocation of such components as fuel tanks, battery boxes and diesel exhaust fluid reservoirs under the cab. Choose from 29 standard clean CA offerings ranging from 84 to 207 inches.
2025 Ford Medium Duty Regular Cab and F-750 and F-650 SuperCab all in Oxford White

Live-Drive Power Take-Off (PTO) Provision with Mobile Mode

The Ford TorqShift® HD 10-Speed Automatic Transmission, included with diesel engines, has the live-drive Power Take-Off (PTO) provision as standard equipment. An output PTO gear connects directly to the transmission’s torque converter impeller hub to allow live-drive to power the PTO any time the engine is running, whether the truck is moving or stopped. Split-shaft capability (diesel only) allows a customer to install a split-shaft gearbox attached to the output shaft of the transmission, which provides torque to two separate PTO outlets, giving you the ability to power two separate accessories when the truck is in stationary mode. The TorqShift HD 6-Speed Automatic with available live-drive PTO provision includes stationary and mobile modes for gas engines. *
*Requires aftermarket Power Take-Off (PTO) accessory.
Workers changing city streetlight using 2025 Ford F-750 Crew Cab in Oxford White with aerial lift upfit

Operator-Commanded Regeneration with Active Inhibit (Diesel Only)

Some operating conditions, such as long idling, don’t generate enough engine heat for the diesel to automatically burn off soot in the diesel particulate filter. That’s where available Operator-Commanded Regeneration with Active Inhibit comes in. When the warning light comes on, pushing the activation button raises the exhaust temperature to burn off the soot, after which the exhaust temperature reverts to normal. The Active-Inhibit feature allows delay of regeneration until the vehicle is sitting in a safe location. Afterward, the driver can manually start the regeneration process. Recommended for commercial applications.
Aftermarket equipment shown.
2025 Ford F-750 SuperCab in Oxford White with mechanic truck upfit parked at building site

Manual Telescoping Power-Adjusting Trailer Tow Mirrors

F-650 and F-750 trucks feature manual telescoping trailer tow mirrors with power-adjusting flat lenses.* This Class 6–7 option includes integrated clearance lamps and turn signals, as well as heated glass with integrated manually adjustable spotter mirrors.

*Not available with vertical exhaust.

Extra-cost color option shown.

Closeup on passenger side mirror of the 2025 Ford F-750 shown in Iconic Silver