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Durability-tested, job-proven Ford Medium Duty trucks


Proven Ford Medium Duty trucks are built on a platform of strenuous testing for long-term durability and dependability and engineered to meet your precise specifications. Regular Cab, exclusive SuperCab* or Crew Cab. Low-height Pro Loader®, higher straight-frame model, or heavy-hauling tractor. GVWRs from 20,500 to 37,000 lbs., more than 18 tons. Ford Medium Duty is built in America** to get your job done dependably under the toughest conditions you can subject it to, while keeping low cost of operation in mind. The next-generation F-650/F-750.

*Class is Class 6 and 7 Conventional Chassis Cabs based on Ford segmentation.

**Assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.

Manufactured and assembled in America


We mean business when it comes to building hardworking, reliable commercial-grade trucks for today’s most demanding jobs. By controlling every phase of medium-duty truck development in-house, from design and engineering to manufacturing, we’re better able to cover every aspect of customer service from the day of initial purchase to a continuing commitment to quality care long down the road. We’re proud to say that F-650/F-750 trucks and tractors are built at our Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake.* And as further proof of how much we mean business in work trucks, we have a 650-plus network of dedicated commercial dealers in our Commercial Vehicle Center.
*Assembled in the U.S. with domestic and foreign parts.
Tested and Built Ford Tough


Durability and dependability are everything in a work truck. That’s why Ford Medium Duty trucks were subjected to brutal testing on severe road conditions — gravel washboards, ruts, potholes in paved roads, cobblestones — plus testing procedures such as body and frame twists several thousand times. To increase the severity of the testing, developmental vehicles were driven by robots to limit human driver exposure to punishing driving conditions. Our objective: Build F-650/F-750 trucks to withstand the toughest conditions you could ever subject them to, from hauling heavy loads to pulling heavy trailers up steep grades over the course of your truck’s productive lifetime.
Wide range of gross vehicle weight ratings


Operating cost effectively demands that you spec your truck to meet exact job requirements. That’s why Ford Medium Duty trucks are available in GVWRs starting at 20,500 lbs. with the F-650 Pro Loader® and going as high as 37,000 lbs. with the 6.7L Power Stroke® turbo diesel-powered F-750.
Truck models for a wide variety of vocations


For applications such as landscape and delivery services calling for a low frame height, there’s the F-650 Pro Loader model. It has a 33.6-inch chassis height* and standard 19.5-inch wheels. GVWR range is 20,500 to 26,000 lbs. The higher F-650 straight frame model has a 39.4-inch chassis height* and rides on larger standard 22.5- inch wheels. GVWR range is 26,000 to 29,000 lbs. For maximum payload capability, there’s the F-750 straight frame model. GVWR range is 30,200 to 33,000 lbs. (gas engine) and up to 37,000 lbs. (diesel engine).
*Ground to top of frame, unloaded.
Versatile tractor models


F-650/F-750 tractor models expand vocational applications like beverage delivery to heavy towing capability. The tractor is also highly flexible, capable of hooking up to a trailer of variable size to suit any application. The tractor is available in the F-650 model with GVWRs from 27,500 to 29,000 lbs. and in the F-750 from 30,200 all the way up to 37,000 lbs. GCWR goes up to 50,000 lbs. The tractor model is powered by the Ford-built Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8 with Ford-built TorqShift® HD 6-speed automatic. Choose from three power ratings: best-in-class* standard 270 hp/675 lb.-ft. of torque, optional 300 hp/700 lb.-ft. of torque and 330 hp/725 lb.-ft. of torque.

*Class is Class 6 and 7 Conventional Chassis Cabs based on Ford segmentation.
Engineered for ride comfort and handling control


Many applications–delivery services to cite one example–require the driver to spend many hours behind the wheel every workday. That’s why ride comfort and control are improved in the design of today’s generation of F-650/F-750 trucks. The suspension has longer springs than those installed in previous models. An available front stabilizer bar provides handling stability. And the turning radius is tighter for improved maneuverability. What’s more, air brakes with traction control are optional on diesel-powered F-650/F-750 straight-frame models and standard on tractor models, with electronic stability control an added standard feature on tractor models.
New Alternator


Extra/Extra heavy-duty 12-volt, 240-amp. Not available with 57L.