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Ford E-Series Class 3–4 Cutaway vans cover a broad range of business and recreational applications. Emergency service. Commercial trades. Bus and shuttle transport. Class C motorhomes. The E-Series lineup begins with the E-350 single-rear-wheel model, followed by the E-350/E-450 versions with dual rear wheels and higher GVWRs for handling the broad range of heavy-duty applications. All E-Series Cutaways feature a comfortable cab built on a rugged full frame.


Vehicle shown with aftermarket equipment.

Cutaway with Class C Motorhome towing auto trailer

Available telescoping exterior mirrors


Upfit bodies and trailers come in different widths. So it makes good sense to equip your vehicle with the available telescoping mirrors that accommodate the type and width of your vehicle’s body or trailer. These mirrors come in either power or manual telescoping adjustment, and provide adjustable flat glass and a manual convex spotter mirror.
Available factory installed integrated trailer brake controller


The E-Series Cutaway offers an available factory-installed, fully integrated trailer brake controller (TBC) with no installation hassles or aftermarket worries. Integrated with the anti-lock brakes, TBC synchronizes vehicle and trailer brakes for seamless braking, even with the heaviest loads. The Ford TBC offers the advantage of verified compatibility with trailers utilizing electrically actuated drum brakes and certain electric-over-hydraulic (EOH) drum or disc brakes.


With their full frame construction and standard V10 muscle, E-Series Cutaway models have an impressive towing capacity up to 10,000 lbs. when properly equipped. Plus GCWRs from 13,000 to 22,000 lbs. Add the convenience of available power or manually operated telescoping mirrors. Also, there’s an available factory-integrated trailer brake controller (TBC) that synchronizes the vehicle and trailer brakes for seamless operation. What’s more, the Ford TorqShift® six-speed automatic transmission has an integrated driver-selectable Tow-Haul mode that automatically compensates for altitude, grade and load conditions.


Vehicle shown with aftermarket equipment.

Cutaway with Class C Motorhome towing auto trailer