Summer Supercharged

Summer is back. And we’re all ready to make the most of it. For warm days, great times and those iconic moments we hope will never end. We’re ready to create memories and explore all that life has to offer. So whatever this summer brings, you can be sure that we’ll be right there along for the ride.
A group of people at a lakeside campsite featuring a 2023 Ford Explorer

Let’s Get Going

Summer is about getting out there. Doing something bold. Having an adventure. Or sometimes, just relaxing at the beach. We’re all excited for the summer ahead. And we’re proud to help you get out there and explore all that summer has to offer.

Energizing an American Icon

Ford is supercharging the drive-In this summer. We’re pairing this iconic American tradition with our iconic American vehicles to create a revolutionary summer.

A Summer to Remember

Bringing communities together. We believe in it. And we’re proud to be long-term partners with people who do that summer after summer.
Ford Summer Supercharged Sales Event over an image of a family picnic and a 2022 Bronco Sport in background

Amp Up Your Summer 

Select 2023 Ford vehicles are available to order during the Ford Summer Sales Event. It’s just another way we’re supercharging your summer! 

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