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Sixty years in the line of duty.

We introduced the first Ford police package in 1950. During the next six decades, our commitment to law enforcement agencies has been second to none. By working with the people who do the work, Ford has continued to evolve and improve these all-important tools of the trade. This approach led to our purpose-built philosophy that continues today.

The all-new Ford Police Interceptors will be built with what we call the Ford Police Interceptor DNA. Exceptional safety, legendary durability, commonality in vehicle platforms and an extensive nationwide dealer network are hallmarks of the Ford Police Interceptor. These traditions are carried on proudly in the all-new Police Interceptor models.

A History of Service

  • 1950

    First official Ford models for police service introduced, featuring a 110-hp special highway patrol V8 engine.


    Ford Division study finds 58 percent of police vehicles in use in the 50 largest cities in the U.S. are Ford models.


    Mustang patrol model introduced. California Highway Patrol purchases 400.


    The newly designed LTD Crown Victoria with Police Package debuts.

  • 1998

    Ford Police Interceptors are the preferred choice of municipalities, dominating the sales of all police pursuit vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.


    First factory-installed ballistic door panel, inside the door.


    First police vehicle tested to meet 75-mph rear-crash tests.


    The Crown Vic Police Interceptor is retired from service and Ford introduces two all-new pursuit-rated Police Interceptors.

  • 2013

    Ford adds the powerful 3.5L EcoBoost to its Utility Police Interceptor Class as well as the fuel-efficient 2.0L EcoBoost non-pursuit-rated special service police sedan to its lineup.

    -Ford Motor Company Archives.


    Ford introduces the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor® Utility, created with hands-on input from the Ford Police Advisory Board of law enforcement professionals. It is a customer-centric, purpose-built vehicle — and will hit the streets with a fresh look and new features this summer.


Police and Special Service Vehicles Brochure
DOWNLOAD 21.3mB, 22pgs

Get complete product line details on the all-new Police Interceptors and the complete line of Ford Special Service vehicles.

Upfit Guide

This comprehensive upfit guide is a must-have for any intended Police Interceptor modification.

2016 Police Interceptor® Utility Brochure
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Get complete product line details on the new 2016 Police Interceptor® utility vehicles.